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How Do I cancel?
You may cancel your trial or membership at any time by simply sending an email to support@optionrun.com. Once we receive your email the account is immediately canceled and you will not incurr any further charges.All cancellation requests received on non-business days will be processed the next business day. If your account is set to renew on a non-business day please cancel the prior business day before 5pm (EST). It is the subscribers responsibility to manage their account and understand when their account is scheduled to renew.

How do I change my contact information or email address?
Login into your account and click on My account.

Do you offer any other billing method besides monthly?
Yes we offer 4 different membership plans. 1) Monthly $119.95 2)Quarterly $319.95 3)Semi Annually $595.95 4)Yearly $1095.95

Is my information protected and is it shared with anyone else or sold?
Your information is encrypted and will never be shared or sold to anyone. Your privacy is very important to us and we will protect it.

Can I upgrade my membership at any time?
Yes, you may upgrade your membership at any time by contacting us by phone\email and instructing us which new plan you would like.

Can I share my membership with a friend?
No, an account is good for one individual only. We cannot allow individuals to share their account and or send our alerts to others. This is strictly prohibited.

Do you provide membership plans beyond a year?
Contact us, Im sure management will work with you.

Can I pay by check?
Yes, but we will only accept check payment to be made for a minimum of a 6-month membership.

Will I be billed for a trial?
No, OptionRun trials are risk free 10 day trials and allow you to make a decision prior to purchasing. We want you to test drive our service to see if it's a fit. We understand our aggressive style is not for everyone. All you need to do is cancel prior to trial end date and there will be no charge. It's basically you managing your account.

How long does your free trial last?
OptionRun offers 10 day trials. We want you to test drive our service to see if it’s a fit. All you need to do is cancel prior to trial end date and there will be no charge.

If I cancel after my account has renewed, what is your refund policy?
It is the subscribers responsibility to manage their account and understand when their account is scheduled to renew. Please note that due to the nature of your subscription and processing costs we are unable to provide refunds.


What is the minimum amount required to trade?
If you plan to mirror our portfolio the minimum amount is $3000 to get started.

Under what type of market conditions do your strategies work?
It does not matter what type of market we are in as the system is geared for up, down and sideway markets. Historically however, volatile markets are our best performing times.

Do you use puts or calls in your portfolios?
We use exclusively only puts and calls in our portfolio. We found this to be the best method for success with our service.

What information is in the alert email with the new picks?
We indicate the exact option, underlying stock symbol, a stop loss point, a target, trader comments on the position generated by the system, and also a reward to loss ratio for the position being released. The system is 100% automated. Emotions play no role in our trading.

How long do you hold the trades?
Our system has proven to give successful results exiting positions in a relatively short timeframe. Keep in mind that our system identifies opportunities which are on the verge of explosive movements in either direction. The key is to be in the position before the move occurs.

When Are New Trade Alerts Released?
When our system identifies a position on the verge of an explosive move it automatically posts the position on the site while also emailing/texting our clients.

What type of option strategies do you use?
Currently, our service was designed specifically for only calls and put trades. Although, strategies such as butterflies and straddles can be beneficial our proprietary system works best with straight calls and puts.

What time do you release your trades?
will vary but all trades are released during market hours. Our service does incorporate morning data so majority of trades are released in the afternoon. However, when signals are flying we will release plays in the morning so always be ready to act.

When a trade is released how much time do I have to act before it moves?
This is a difficult question to answer . When a trade is released we keep in mind the volume of the option and also the price we feel all our clients can obtain. Our entries our best price, meaning our entry price or better.

Do you email us to close a trade?
Yes, all exits are followed with a timely email for your records that the position is closed. Do not wait for a closed trade however and always have your exit orders in place. This protects you from sudden movements.

How many trades do you average per week\month?
This will depend on the market and how hot our indicators are during that period of time. Typically, we average 3 to 4 open trades per week which is 12 to 16 per month.

How long do you hold a position for?
We like to move quickly and our trading ideas typically explode in movement. We average about 6 trading days before we close a position but again this could vary depending on the position.

Does OptionRun prefer an up or down market?
It does not matter. If the markets are opened then its our job to perform. Thats the bottom line, if we are not producing results for you then why would you subscribe.

Do you email updates on open positions?
Yes, we alert our clients through updates of any changes we see with a position. We also review our open positions during our morning insight commentary and our end of day commentary.

Do I need to monitor email and or your site all day to follow along?
No, we understand our clients have busy lifestyles and we constructed our service to support this. We not only provide email updates but also direct text messaging and pda\blackberry emailing.

I'm new to trading options, is it easy to follow?
We try to make it as easy as possible to follow along. We provide precise instructions and have a support staff on hand to answer all questions. Feel free to contact us and never be afraid to ask questions  we are here to help and to make this an enjoyable experience for you.

Do you provide individual consultation?
No, we cannot and will not. OptionRun is an informational site and newsletter. We empower the individual trader but we do not provide individual advice so please do not ask (and we mean that in a nice way).

What is The Run?
The Run is a beautiful thing and you want to partake in it. This is basically when our service releases and closes 4 straight winners. When profits are pouring in we have fun and proclaim a run. Trust us, when you experience the run, you will understand. It happens often so be prepared.

Do you only trade options?
Yes, OptionRun (OR) was created only for option trading.

Are all trades you released posted?
Yes, every single trade released by OptionRun is posted on the site for everyone to view. We post our winners and losers. We understand that losses will occur and we have no problem posting them and will never manipulate performance in any way. We gain our clients trust by doing this.

Do you use stop exits on every trade?
Yes, all trades we release have exact exit orders. We are very strict with our stops and would rather take a 40% loss than a 100% loss. We understand positions can bounce back but why take the risk when we can place our money into new opportunities.

Do you ever scale-out of a position?
At times, but rarely. When we have a winner we like to take it off the board and move on. However, we do raise targets at times to capture greater returns when warranted. But we will never be too greedy and are very content with booking profits. Money management is over 50% of the battle with trading and producing consistent returns.

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