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The Run

The Run” is OptionRun’s informal way of describing the service’s overall goal. When 4 or more winners are released in consecutive order it is a state commonly referred to as “The Run”.

When OptionRun succeeds in reaching 4 straight winners our members are alerted to the success of the service. First, it notifies members of OptionRun ‘s accomplishment and that our service is on a streak. In addition, it ensures that members make every effort to trade all new positions released given that the service normally continues with its streak.

The Run” is our goal. OptionRun’s win percentage is successful and allows the opportunity for numerous runs within a single month. When members experience a Run, they immediately appreciate the many benefits of the service, as they watch an increase in their returns. Do not miss the opportunity to rejoice with our members. At OptionRun, we take pride in acknowledging the service’s achievements and find that it adds some much needed lightheartedness in such a fast paced, stress filled market.

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